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Black and White Interiors Decorative Paintings

Black and white and all the tones of grey in between are elegant and stylish concepts for a contemporary home as beautifully presented by Barj Buzzoni and AB Italia at the latest Salone del Mobile last April in Milan.

Inspired by that visit to Milan, I have recently created a series of black and white panels that incorporate academic painting techniques with contemporary minimalism to create truly fresh interior decor wall panels for a modern urban or country home.

These panels have been painted on 100% cotton canvas which has been primed using a mix of Bologna gesso, tempera paint. I take great care in preparing my acrylic paints in the studio using Italian and German mineral pigments.

All panels are original paintings and have been painted in my Umbria, Italy studio and are sold with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by me, which guarantees the quality (technique, materials, style) of the painting.

I ship all of my paintings insured via international express courier with tracking number. Shipping times are 2 working days to Europe, 4 working days to US and approximately 4-7 working days to Asia and Australia. If you require a different size for your home or project, kindly contact me with your request and I will gladly provide an estimate.

These paintings are available through ARTFINDER or directly through my shop here on this website.

If you happen to be in passing through central Italy, my paintings are currently on view at BANDERARI REGOLADARTE temporary concept store in AMELIA, Umbria.

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Ugne Pouwell
Ugne Pouwell
Sep 13, 2019

your works is beautiful and inspiring to look at!

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