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Young girl portrait painting

A picture is worth a thousand words however a memory is priceless. What better way of remembering your trip to Italy than to have your portrait painted in Rome, Florence or Venice by an academically trained master draftsman. 


Harkening back to the Grand Tour tradition where young aristocrats would travel through Southern Europe to complete their classical education and who were eager to procure mementos of their journey.  


Meet with an academically trained master draftsman Gritchin for a photo session in the location of your choice. Upon selecting the best of photographs with you, he will then proceed to paint your portrait in the studio using only the finest quality Italian oil paints and heavy linen canvas. Once complete you will be sent a photograph for your approval after which your portrait will dry and be ready for shipping either rolled or flat. 


Completion time: 1-2 months

Drying time: 2-3 weeks


Contact Gritchin below to receive his presentation and pricing

  • Gritchin has a Masters degree from Surikov Art Academy in Moscow
  • Portraits are painted and drawn with academic techniques

  • Your painting will be a  cherished heirloom for future generations

  • Gritchin is conveniently located in central Italy 

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